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Long time no read! That's on me. I was working on making it worth the wait though! I've been away and astray to reinvent my entire project, including this newsletter. Read on to find out what this means for you!

evolution conclusion

My project has always been an evolution. What started out as an alternative travel blog went on to become a photoprosaic website that has now arrived in the realm of art activism. And although evolution is a never ending journey, this stage right here, seems like the perfect stage to showcase my work.


I’ve been circling the intersection of writing and photography for the longest time, but now my project is headed for a head-on collision of these two mediums.

I've replaced the old categories (reads, photos, countries) with a structure that is more representative of the 50/50 nature of my writing/photography crossover:

· words (one word, one photo)
· lines (one line, one photo)
· passages (one passage, one photo)
· essays (one essay with photos)

There’s something there for every attention span; and if one word/photo is beyond your attention span, look at it as an attention spank.


Everything is wrapped into a new neat look too, lean and clean.

less news, less letter,

more impact matter

This newsletter started out as a way to keep my first 'fans' (i.e. family and friends) posted on my whereabouts and shenanigans. And while I will keep you updated on important news, developments, and events, the new emphasis will be on content – content that is relevant to you, a presumed citizen of Earth.


In line with the above mentioned structure, I will start sending you one word, one line, one passage, and one essay each month to explore a given topic, from love to death.

finally finalist

I'm humbled and excited to share some G R E A T news with you! Recently, several of my pictures have been selected as finalists in various photo contests:


Priya’s Holi face is one of the 2023 winners of the Cewe Photo Award, the world’s largest photo competition. It was selected alongside an impressive collection of finalists from a pool of over half a million photographs.


This photo of Big Daddy Dune in Namibia was selected as a finalist for the 2023 Global Photo Contest of The Nature Conservancy. It’s in the running for an award alongside an incredible selection of captivating photographs.


This image, as well as this newsletter's header picture of the boy with the pyramids, have been selected for an international group exhibition in Rome next January by Loosenart, a contemporary art magazine and gallery.

Y A Y ! ! !

can't go wrong with a


gift card.jpg

MilesAstray prints are the perfect gift for anyone who lives on this planet, but if you're hesitant to choose someone else's wall decor, just go with my new electronic gift cards!

Of course, your support is also a gift to me that helps me keep this project going.

Let me end this by saying something I don't say enough: THANK YOU for being part of my following and for your continued support over the years!

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