Night Delight

allures of the dark side

  Not long after night falls, most of us fall with it, into our sheets, to not be awakened before day has its bright way with us again. Humans chose day over night, but for the daring nocturnal creatures among us there is a deserted, silent world waiting after hours; and like moths we flutter towards its discoveries, wherever a speck of light flecks the darkness. 


a glimpse


glimpse: LIKE NO/ANY OTHER | Looking at this scene I see two streets: one that is like no other and one that is like any other. It’s an everyday street, a street next door; ordinary, yet unique. It’s made from the same elements as the others; still its particular characteristics are found in no other. Maybe it is both like no/any other in equal measure; or maybe it needs your angle to be one or the other. So what do you see? Fill in the blank for yourself: a street like […] other.

glimpse: A MATTER OF PERSPECTIVE | Many New Yorkers might look down on New Jersey, some of them quite literally so, peering out of their lofty ivory towers. But who’s got the better view really? It’s all a matter of perspective. What’s more, while longing for what appears beautiful from afar, the vista might trick us into overlooking that we’re already in the place to be.

glimpse: REAL AS A DREAM | No matter how strange your dream, it feels real as long as you’re asleep. The fantastic world your mind creates underneath the surface when it’s all alone, once the senses let go and quit distracting, is a cloudy mirror of THE world. It doesn’t abide by the same physical laws, doesn’t aim to please any common sense, and in it, you, the nightly protagonist, have powers beyond daytime imagination. You jump in time, location and plot, fly and die without provoking surprise or doubt. Even if you start wondering, whether it’s all just a dream, rarely will you recognize it as such. And then you wake, and reality feels real. Really real. Even realer than the dream, you’re convincing your woken self. But if that were true, why can’t you tell when you’re dreaming?

Montreal / Canada   brick skin











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Afterglow Fader

when the sun dims down, civilization lights up

...the last fire in the sky ebbs into paler shades of orange and yellow, before wandering west on the spectrum towards far tones like indigo. Meanwhile, on earth’s surface, civilization flips the switch and soon droplets of artificial light bathe in the interplay of hues... see more





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Office Prison Symmetry

behind bars: office or prison? 

Looking at it from the outside, I can’t help seeing bars in the symmetry that comes with the sterile and institutional blueprints of office buildings around the world. see more

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Uyuni / Traversing the Zig-Zag Road between Pain and Pleasure

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Window Worlds

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