Baku / Azerbaijan · 2018   architectural onion




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a glimpse



glimpse: MUD VOLCANO DEMEANOR | Unlike their lava-spewing and hot-tempered cousins, mud volcanoes have a pretty bubbly and cool demeanor. So cool even, they invite you in for a bath. If you want to hang out, you’ll find more than half of them in Azerbaijan, where nearly 400 gather for a true mud volcano fest. Just don’t meet them that one day they actually explode – unless you like barbecues with sky-high open flames.

prehistorc cave in Gobustan, Azerbaijan


glimpse: HOME SWEET HOME | Home sweet home, 40,000 years ago. Art and storytelling were born here, carved into our living rooms. We’ve come a long way since then, rocky too, and anything but linear. For the longest time, our house, dinner and gadgets were simply what was there; we reaped the land, nature’s gifts. Some 200,000 years of roaming and cave life. 15,000 years of agriculture, give or take. Our first cities popping up around 7,000 years ago. 1878, year of the light bulb; 1886, year of the car. 1900s: vacuum cleaner, A/C, first powered flight, plastic, coffee filter, crossword puzzles, bra, robots, insulin, frozen food, TV, electric guitar, pen, nuclear reactor, microwave, bikini, credit card, contraceptive pill (we’re now entering the digital age in the late 1950s), microchip, laser, HTML, internet, LCD, cell phone, PC, disposable contact lenses, WWW (in this chronological order, among many more). 2000s: don’t get me started – you see where this is going and it’s going faster by the day.


Baku / Azerbaijan · 2018   night hue


Baku / Azerbaijan · 2018   carpet museum

a taxi driver in Gobustan, Azerbaijan
Formula 1 race track in Baku, Azerbaijan


Gobustan / Azerbaijan · 2018   race 


Baku / Azerbaijan · 2018   after the race

cavemen greetings


Gobustan / Azerbaijan · 2018


conquering mini volcanoes


Gobustan / Azerbaijan · 2018

Black and white image of a cab in Baku, Azerbaijan.


Baku / Azerbaijan · 2018   cab







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Baku / The Formula 1 Formula

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